Eve Klein | Sound + Music + Voice
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Premiere: MONA FOMA January 2018.
Tour: 2020-2021.

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Current and Recent Projects.


Vocal Womb

Vocal Womb is a multimedia opera performance and installation externalising the hidden, fleshy and deeply personal workings of the voice from inside a singer’s body.

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Red River

Red River confronts the realities of drought and how it effects those living in the most remote areas of Australia. Red River is heartbreakingly relevant to an agrarian country already being affected by global climate change.

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Sulcus Loci

Sulcus Loci (Latin: brain room) is an immersive interactive installation showcasing the image library generated by researchers of Queensland Brain Institute’s Microscopy Unit. Sulcus Loci highlights the interconnection between neuroplasticity and human environment. 

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The Pomegranate Cycle

The Pomegranate Cycle is the acclaimed album and stage work tracing opera and the ghosts of women whose lives have been touched by violence. Woven from song, sound textures and fragmented orchestration, The Pomegranate Cycle is a fragile, ebbing work, part sonic and part myth. 

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Research-Informed Creative Practice.

My practice draws together traditional and experimental classical music, interactive performance art, and electronica to push the boundaries of genre and find new ways of immersing contemporary audiences in art music forms.  As a composer, operatic vocalist, sound artist and academic I use research as the basis of extending my compositional practice...