Installation & Performance

Sincerely Yours


Premiere:  Bi Ci, Bilpin, NSW Australia, August 2013

Reprise Performances:

  • Undisclosed Territories #7, Indonesia, October 2013
  • Melaka Art & Performance Festival, Malaysia, November 2013
  • This is Not Art Festival, Newcastle, Australia, September 2014 

In the 21st century the art of letter writing is being usurped by the instant gratification and intrinsic anonymity of Twitter, text messaging & social media: email is the preferred method of written communication. This project utilises these very media to encourage the art of hand written letter writing.

In August 2013 a call out was made for love letters, sent to the address below, to become the inspiration of an artwork.

These remain anonymous, the important thing being that they be expressions of love, written by hand, and posted.

Love letters that were thought, but never sent… love letters to an unknown recipient… love letters to a partner… love letters imagined… love letters to someone past or future… love letters that are languishing in a computer waiting for the touch of a pen…

AñA Wojak, the Very Terry Reid Award Artist in Residence cycled to the PO everyday over a two week period to collect the mail and used the material received to create sincerely yours, a performative interpretation of the letters, with sound by composer mezzo-soprano, Eve Klein,

Originally presented on Sunday August 18 2013 at BigCi Bilpin, NSW Australia

Further Information

To view the project blog and read the letters click here.



Concept and performance: AñA Wojak 

Music, sound design and performance: Eve Klein. 

Photography on this page by: Amanda James, Chia Soo Chin, Simon Long, Lisa Anderson, AñA Wojak, Nikki Soo, Marina Batalha, MAP Fest and Jonasz Lupinski.

Letters: Contributed anonymously by the public.