Stage Opera

The Pomegranate Cycle


Premiere: Brisbane Festival/ Under The Radar, Metro Arts, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, September 2010.

Reprised: The IMAGINE FESTIVAL, Cleveland St Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia, October 2010.

An electronica opera….

Fusing opera, ambient electronica and post-classical composition, The Pomegranate Cycle by Textile Audio promises to be an unforgettable musical and emotional experience. Loosely based on the myth of Persephone; the Pomegranate Cycle is a bold exploration of the frontiers of opera in the new millennium. Persephone’s story unfolds with the opening of a pomegranate, where she finds the path to healing from the depth of violence.

An intersection of song, dance, theatre and photography, The Pomegranate Cycle features mezzo soprano and electronic musician Eve Klein, dancer Liz Evans and photographer Ravi Glasser-Vora. Narrative is woven from concrete sounds, traditional instrumentation for orchestra, spoken word, electronic processing and sweeping operatic melody. Haunting and warmly intimate, this work brings operatic elements to audiences more familiar with electronica, and allows traditional opera audiences to gaze into the future of opera.  The Pomegranate Cycle bursts into life with its’ soaring score, beautiful imagery and peeled metaphor.



Cast & Crew

Kore/ Demeter/ Persephone: Eve Klein (mezzo soprano)

Kore/ Demeter/ Persephone: Liz Evans (dancer)

Music by Textile Audio

Director: Narelle Yeo

Videography: Ravi Glasser-Vora


Photograph & archival video screenshots by Ravi Glasser-Vora.