EQUALIZE: Music Production Workshops for Women

EQUALIZE is designed for women and non-binary songwriter and composer members with a basic operative understanding of music production and who are keen to further build their technical skills and industry knowledge to become a producer - whether to producer their own work or the work of others. 

I’ll be presenting the following workshop in Brisbane.

An Introduction to Ableton Live

Have a song idea you need to capture quickly? Want to add beats to a vocal line? Build chords or arrange samples over a bassline? This workshop shows you how to craft a song from scratch in Ableton Live 10. Aimed at beginners it will cover the basics of Live, including an introduction to the Session and Arrangement views, but also focus on tricks and techniques that make songwriting easy, fast and fun. The workshop will be led by Dr Eve Klein, an Ableton Certified Trainer with seventeen years experiences as a producer, performer and composer.

Places are limited and by application so check out the full details here:


Eve Klein