Dance, Film

In the Mangroves I Lay


Performers: Liquid Skin Performing Arts Company
Choreography: Rochelle Carmichael
Video Production: Justin Batchelor
Music: Textile Audio (Eve Klein)


In the Mangroves I Lay...

From a new dance film project entitled – PLUCKED:
9 new dance works, filmed specifically for the screen and with music composed by some of Australia’s brightest music makers.

Choreographed by Rochelle Carmichael, featuring the dancers of Liquid Skin Performing Arts Company and filmed by Justin Batchelor of BATCHEDIT, Plucked marks the beginning of a journey in the process of dance theatre and film.

Featuring Jayde MacDonough, Libby Abbott, Rose Alice, Robert Brassington, Kathleen Lott, Rebecca Magazzu and Sydney Minton-Green. 

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