Betrayal in a Valentino Frock


Concept: Sarah Lloyd & Joanne Davis
Performance: Joanne Davis
Video Production: Justin Batchelor
Music: Eve Klein
Visual Art: Sarah Lloyd


Premiere: FLOODING IN THE GARDEN Film Festival- Forest Collective, VIC, Australia, December 2014. 

Red lipped haute couture, bursting at the seams.
A woman is cocooned in the veils she keeps. Or is she?
Does she watch from within or tangle & betray herself?

Filmed over 2 afternoons at ‘art HALL’, Learmonth, VIC., Australia, 2014
Unfunded, fuelled by tea, cake & creative desire.

Text Excerpts from:
‘Dressmaking. A Practical Manual for School and Home’ by R. Bunting 1939, Publisher: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd.
‘Advice from a Singer Sewing Machine Manual from 1949’ (sourced from internet, uncredited)

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