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In the Mangroves I Lay…

Hi Everyone,

Something very beautiful is below. It’s called “In the Mangroves I Lay”…

Did you like it? It’s from a new exploration of dance, film and music called PLUCKED which is being explored by Liquid Skin and BATCHEDIT. And yes, the music is ‘Of Hymn’ from Pomegranate Cycle (click here to download it).

There are nine videos in total featuring music from different Australian composers, and breathtaking dance. If you liked it you can follow the project on Facebook to watch the rest of the videos.



Girl In A Tower: Liberating Rapunzel

Hola Interwebs,

Ever want to give Disney princesses a voice or a story which wasn’t about being rescued by some white guy on an equally white horse? Yup, me too! So here is a little song about what Rapunzel has lost by remaining a Girl In A Tower, waiting for her life to arrive.

FYI the “Download this Album” link above doesn’t work (FMA is working on fixing it) BUT the download arrow next to the track name and length does, so to download the track for free click the arrow. No email address is required, I just ask that you share the link if you like it! 


The lyrics to Girl In A Tower are by Ravi Glasser-Vora who is also behind the lens of the many provocative textile audio visuals around this site:

Girl In A Tower


She has not seen
She has not heard
Her hair has never been
or tangled by the winds
far away


She has not drunk
The wine of beaujolais


She has not seen
She has not heard
She has not lived
Her lives of danger and disgrace
She has not seen


She has not seen
Her future
Far away
She has not heard
The birds in song
Girl in a

This time Ravi and I swapped rolls, I did the cover cover image while he wrote the lyrics 🙂

Let me know if you like it, and as always, SHARE, CARE, SHARE!





The Art of Bleep!

Just a quick update to let you all know that Textile Audio and Pomegranate Cycle are going to feature in an extended interview tonight on The Art of Bleep! Tune in to PBS 106.7 FM at the witching hour (midnight) tonight AEST.

Or, if you need your beauty sleep check it out online at:



Postcard Audio #037 – Airport Security Check, or, “Is that a USB key in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Sydney Domestic Airport: Passengers empty pockets and bags into plastic containers. Everyday items move through x-ray scanners while security officers scrutinise them for danger.

Recorded on an iPhone 5, sometime in December 2012.

Who Says Opera Can’t Be Popular?!? 20,000 Downloads and Counting…

Hola Interwebs,

As I write this I’m still bouncing from the news that Pomegranate Cycle has had over twenty thousand downloads. That’s right, over twenty thousand. For an experimental opera. Yee Haa! Now where is the champagne…?!?

If you missed the album release, you can download it for free by clicking here or read about it in more detail here. The official label release page is here.

I thought I’d take the time to fill you in on some of what’s been happening in the wake of the release.

Pomegranate has been circultating around the net like crazy. In the first week of release it had six thousand downloads, and by the end of the first month it had over fifteen thousand. On these results alone Pomegranate has been the most successful album in the history of my label, Wood & Wire which in their words was a surprise because “as an experimental opera, it was something of a departure” from their normal fare. So really, who says opera can’t be popular these days and kick a little bit of butt… after all, all you crazy kids must have been downloading it!

Pomegranate has also been getting some media interest and I’ve been on a few different radio programs talking about what it means to write an “experimental opera”. On Friday I was on home territory being interviewed by Gareth Wilding from Radio Blue Mountains, but I also featured in an interview for 2SER’s Friday Daily which you can listen to here. We also have been getting some airtime on radio around Australia, including my fav experimental music program, Utility Fog.

Early reviews of Pomegranate have also been incredibly positive:

It’s pretty rare to find something so refreshingly unlike anything you have ever heard… The overall effect of her music is to immerse the listener in an operatic fever dream…. The Pomegranate Cycle makes for an expansive listening experience – the perfect antidote to an ear that’s been aching from the tiresome repetition of modern pop. – Jon Behm,

Whoever expects a quick turnaround will be disappointed. Rather, one should indulge in the whole and really draw more passages into consideration in order to experience the full beauty. The beauty that is hidden between the notes. –

And possibly my favourite, courtesy of the interesting  Google translation on the following:

“The Pomegranate Cycle” is a bold and challenging album that is in the middle of a magical cross between opera, classical music and experimental electronic / ambient / rumoristica…  A deep and timeless album, which requires careful listening but in return can give intense sensations.- Drizzi, NetMusic Life


Also in case you missed it, here is a sneak peak of the next Pomegranate Cycle music video. Going live in a few weeks:









Postcard Audio #036 – Waiting to Audition

Standing backstage at a Sydney arts company waiting to be collected for an audition. Sounds from rehearsal spaces filter in as doors open and close. An assistant arrives to usher me to the panel.

Recorded with an iPhone 4, sometime in April of 2012.


To listen / subscribe in iTunes click here.

Postcard Audio #035 – Children Taking Flight

Hobart Airport: The aircraft fills and prepares for takeoff. Children chatter as they wait for flight.

Recorded on an iPhone 5, sometime in December 2012.

Postcard Audio #034 – Mr Whippy at the Construction Site

Sydney City: An old fashioned Mr. Whippy van drives through a back street and passes a construction site. It pauses for the workers to buy ice-cream before driving away.

Recorded on an iPhone 5, sometime in March 2013.

Postcard Audio #033 – Playtime!

Haymarket, Sydney: The balcony of an old marketplace has been converted into an entertainment hub.  Lights flash, claws drop into prize buckets and games machines compete for aural dominance.

Recorded on an iPhone 5, sometime in February 2013.

Postcard Audio #032 – Singing Scottish Ballads

A workshop of traditional Scottish Border Ballads passed from teacher to choir, line by line, song by song.

Recorded on a Sony MZ-R900 minidisc with a Rode NT3 condenser microphone.

Sometime in January 2003.


Announcing the release of The Pomegranate Cycle

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Lurkers and Internet Crushes,

It’s here. My debut album. The Pomegranate Cycle. And I couldn’t be happier to share it with y’all.



Released on label Wood & Wire it’s free for you to download, click above. Go on, I dare you…. 😉

If you love the album, or if, you know, I am your internet crush, then you can also buy a beautiful, beautiful CD version with original artwork by Ravi Glasser-Vora and Heath Killen. All proceeds go back into creating new Textile Audio music and  buying tutus on eBay for my next music video!

At $15 it’s also super cheap. To purchase click here.

And here is some of the wonderful artwork:

[nggallery id=5 template=”galleryview”]


Well, I could spend all day flirting with you via text, which might be a very good use of my time, but Pomegranate as an album is a little bit serious. Like all complex creatures she has undercurrents worthy of investigation and reflection. So stick with me while I get serious with you for a while.

Pomegranate is dedicated to the she and we and us, women living beyond violence.

‘She and we and us’ is a fragment of the lyrics from the final “aria” of the album, ‘Her Song’. ‘Her Song’ is a call to action, for all women who have lived violence of any kind, emotional, physical or sexual, to share their truths and their strengths in community with each other. It is my hope that the more we women speak and take strength from each other, the more visible and less acceptable these acts of violence against us will become.

This is the preoccupation of The Pomegranate Cycle, which charts Persephone’s experience of an act of violence and imprisonment.  She, and her mother Demeter, seek to free her from captivity. Demeter wreaks vengeance against those who have stolen her daughter and been complicit in her persecution. Meanwhile, Persephone, alone, must confront those who accuse and blame her for the violence she has experienced. Carrying her story, Persephone faces down these accusations, themselves acts of violence, and speaks her truth.  Most importantly for an opera character, she lives, heals and grows, distinguishing her from the traditional opera heroine who either dies, goes mad, or is married off. Like all women who have lived through violence and survived, Persephone is more than her story.

Sonically Pomegranate  is woven from song, sound textures and fragmented orchestration which is ruptured with grain and glitch.  It is also the first significant recording of my operatic mezzo soprano. So, for the vocally curious, this may be a little bit of a treat.

I’ll be posting more info about individual songs in the coming weeks, but you might also be interested in reading the official release information from Wood and Wire.

There is also a rather fetching news article explaining the background to Textile Audio and the album release which you can read here.

Finally, if you are extremely enthusiastic, you can read more about the background and motivations behind The Pomegranate Cycle in this feature article by Cyclic Defrost available here.

Don’t forget, if you like the album, SHARE IT!



Land Of Hades – Or, a Video of Wandering in Devastated Lands…

[leadplayer_vid id=”510715E3E2EA5″]

This music video carries a lot of emotion for me: it was shot wandering areas of clearfell logging close to my mountain home. Walking through this landscape its hard not to be effected by the ghosts of the trees absent and their wasted remains scattered along the ground. So it seemed like a perfect metaphor for Persephone’s journey, as she wanders through Hades trying to assemble herself after being stolen and ruined. A bit of a contrast from the first music video release from Pomegranate, ha?!?

[If you haven’t seen it, it is a light and beautiful video of Kore / Persephone frolicking in the forest. I also wear the most stunning ball gown for those who are so inclined! 😉 Click here to view it.]

Sonically, Land of Hades combines my fascination for strings, pipe organ, and unusual percussion instruments in one track. But they are also ruptured with electronic processing, found sounds, and inverted vocal fragments. This is a track where the sonic textures speak the things that Persephone cannot articulate. However, for the curious the lyrics are below.

Land of Hades is a track that needs a little bit of time to sink in and experience. Take a breath with it, and enjoy!



Video Credits:

Music by Textile Audio
Videography by Ravi Glasser-Vora
Editing by George Dobluis

Lyrics: Land of Hades by Textile Audio

Here all things are
As they are in shade
Colours without hue,
My eyes in moonlight fade
All bushes of thorn
Twine the path
Not a single rose.

Here all creatures’ flesh
Becomes perverted
Cruel fates that deign
This mocking earth, inverted
All joy distained
In mirthful laugh
No moment of repose

In walking death my
Feet leave no mark.
Shrill and hollow tolls
The call of reapers’ lark.
Swallowed by mist
Icicle and frost
I roam beneath, enclosed.

Here all things are
As they are in shade
Colours without hue,
My eyes in moonlight fade
All joy distained
In mirthful laugh
Not a single rose…

Not a single rose.
Not a single rose.
Not a single rose.

Ballerinas in the Outback

Howdy Interwebs,

I’ve been wearing my tutus in some very strange locations lately. Mostly in the quest of shooting my next music video, at least that is my “official story” and I am sticking to it. Needless to say I have been entertaining farmers and other miscellaneous country-folk who have been driving by and appreciating the theatrics of it all!

The following images are a tiny tease. Enjoy!

xoxo Eve

PS Pics are by Textile Audio resident photographic maestro Ravi Glasser-Vora. He makes music with images and has thus earned his new title (which he doesn’t know about yet but will when he reads this blog post).







Postcard Audio #027 – The Barista and the $12,000 Bathtub

A barista and his customers observe a sales rush at a boutique bathroom supplier. Coffee is made. Customers dance. Waitstaff whistle. People shop for expensive bathtubs.

Recorded on an iPhone 4, sometime in October 2012.

Postcard Audio #026 -She Does Not Play The Harp With Reverence, But With Fire. Part 1.

In the studio she teases, thuds and caresses her harp drawing forth sounds we are not suppose to hear.

Featuring Sarah Burgess on harp.

Recorded at Fragile Light studios with a Rode NT4, sometime in August, 2009.