Announcing the release of The Pomegranate Cycle

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Lurkers and Internet Crushes,

It’s here. My debut album. The Pomegranate Cycle. And I couldn’t be happier to share it with y’all.



Released on label Wood & Wire¬†it’s free for you to download, click above. Go on, I dare you…. ūüėČ

If you love the album, or if, you know, I am your internet crush, then you can also buy a beautiful, beautiful CD version with original artwork by Ravi Glasser-Vora and Heath Killen. All proceeds go back into creating new Textile Audio music and  buying tutus on eBay for my next music video!

At $15 it’s also super cheap.¬†To purchase click here.

And here is some of the wonderful artwork:

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Well, I could spend all day flirting with you via text, which might be a very good use of my time, but Pomegranate as an album is a little bit serious. Like all complex creatures she has undercurrents worthy of investigation and reflection. So stick with me while I get serious with you for a while.

Pomegranate is dedicated to the she and we and us, women living beyond violence.

‘She and we and us’ is a fragment of the lyrics from the final “aria” of the album, ‘Her Song’. ‘Her Song’ is a call to action, for all women who have lived violence of any kind, emotional, physical or sexual, to share their truths and their strengths in community with each other. It is my hope that the more we women speak and take strength from each other, the more visible and less acceptable these acts of violence against us will become.

This is the preoccupation of The Pomegranate Cycle, which charts Persephone’s experience of an act of violence and imprisonment.¬† She, and her mother Demeter, seek to free her from captivity. Demeter wreaks vengeance against those who have stolen her daughter and been complicit in her persecution. Meanwhile, Persephone, alone, must confront those who accuse and blame her for the violence she has experienced. Carrying her story, Persephone faces down these accusations, themselves acts of violence, and speaks her truth. ¬†Most importantly for an opera character, she lives, heals and grows, distinguishing her from the traditional opera heroine who either dies, goes mad, or is married off. Like all women who have lived through violence and survived, Persephone is more than her story.

Sonically Pomegranate  is woven from song, sound textures and fragmented orchestration which is ruptured with grain and glitch.  It is also the first significant recording of my operatic mezzo soprano. So, for the vocally curious, this may be a little bit of a treat.

I’ll be posting more info about individual songs in the coming weeks, but you might also be interested in reading the official release information from Wood and Wire.

There is also a rather fetching news article explaining the background to Textile Audio and the album release which you can read here.

Finally, if you are extremely enthusiastic, you can read more about the background and motivations behind The Pomegranate Cycle in this feature article by Cyclic Defrost available here.

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