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Eve Klein

Voice + Music + Production

Eve Klein has been a renegade romantic since childhood and this project, Textile Audio, is the fruition of a lifetime of daydreams, opera and wanderings in the Australian wilderness.

Eve is a professional opera singer (Opera Australia, Pacific Opera) and a composer-performer who works across experimental classical music, interactive performance art, and glitchy electronica. Eve has a PhD in Music and Sound (QUT) and works as Lecturer in Music Technology and Popular Music at the University of Queensland. She is also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer and a qualified VET instructor.

Eve’s compositions have been featured on radio around Australia and released through Feral Media, Mess+Noise, Cyclic Defrost, New Weird Australia and Wood & Wire. Notable festival performances of her work include Brisbane Festival (Brisbane), Underbelly Arts (Sydney), Turra New Music Festival (Perth), Undisclosed Territories (Indonesia), Melaka Art & Performance Festival (Melasia) and the International Festival of Artistic Innovation (England).

Ravi Glasser-Vora

Images + Video + Code

    Ravi Glasser-Vora is a writer, videographer and electrical engineer who likes to build things. He has worked for corporations such as Cochlear and Fox, but more notably he has collaborated on works for festivals such as Underbelly Arts, IFAI and the Brisbane Festival. His most recent work is on developing mapped video projections that are made reactive to live performance through mesh networked sensors.

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